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It started with a question.

Where can you get reliable sports news from to make your sports betting decisions as fully informed as possible?

It was a problem we grappled with at Our customers bet on a wide variety of sports from around the world, and we couldn’t find a website with all the information on key sports from sources around the world.

So we decided to build one!

That’s how Sports News was born. We built a dynamic hub featuring breaking sports news from South Africa and around the world to ensure that you always have your finger on the world’s sporting pulse.

Stay informed, engage with the many streams of content and navigate your way through our easy-to-use hub of news feeds, podcasts, blogs, social media conversastions and video content.

The freshest news, opinions, highlights and spectacular sporting clips combined with handy betting previews and links to all our betting markets creates a seamless environment for the sports lover.

Sport News Sports news works on desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TVs, so you can keep it open on your desktop during the day, carry it around in your pocket or pop in when you need key information, it’s up to you!

If you visit Sports News you’ll land on the homepage. This is where you’ll find curated sports videos compiled by our team, the latest headlines from selected sports publications and blocks featuring the best content happening on social media.

Clicking on a headline will open the original source article for you to read in full, allowing you to select the news you’d like to read. If you want to get more specific, you can use the main navigation tabs to dig down into soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, horse racing, golf and basketball specific feeds.

The curation process is an ongoing one, so let us know if you think we’ve left out a feed – we’ll check it out and add to the site if possible. Look out for the ‘add your favourite sports feed’ icon on the right hand side of the site to give us your feedback.

Check out the site and send us your feeds and feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

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